PeacefieldRAD is the internationally focused teleradiology solutions provider of Peacefield Radiology, a US-based radiology and teleradiology practice and consulting group.

Our core services include primary interpretations of the entire range of diagnostic radiology studies, performed by US Board-Certified and subspecialty trained radiologists from top US Medical Institutions.  Our goal is to focus American medical expertise on markets outside the US, and particularly in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, in order to strengthen relations, promote cooperation and expand access to world-class medical care across international borders.

PeacefieldRAD is committed to providing unparalleled service, quality and comprehensive excellence to our clinicians and patients. We achieve this by working with only the best radiologists and through our proprietary peer review program, Fortis Qualitas. We use state-of-the-art IT systems and HIPAA compliant software to ensure secure transmission of medical data.  

Our GCC and globally based multi-national technical partners facilitate optimal turnaround times, secure image transfer and patient-centric safety measures.  We offer our radiologists and clients an innovative solution with breakthrough software to improve clinical workflow and efficiency, structured reporting and the highest report quality and accuracy.

PeacefieldRAD is uniquely qualified and positioned to provide international and GCC hospital radiology departments with a seamlessly integrated teleradiology solution that leverages years of medical and technological expertise. Together as partners we can improve patient care and safety, clinician and patient satisfaction.

Peacefield Radiology is a physician owned and led company with more than 40 years of accumulated time in teleradiology. We helped the first US radiology practice to station American radiologists in Switzerland and Australia to become the dominant force in the US teleradiolgy market.  With a proven track record of service, excellence and quality reporting for American clients, we are committed to bringing the same standards of excellence in teleradiology to the GCC and beyond.

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